Prevention and Early Intervention Services

As part of Youth Contact's strong commitment to the children, youth and families of Washington County, we offer a variety of prevention and early intervention services through our school-based programs, the Family Support and Connections Program, the Family Resource Center, and our family education programs.

School-Based Services

We were the first agency in Oregon to collaborate with schools to provide alcohol and drug prevention services. Our school-based programs now include a complete range of behavioral health programming including assisting students and families with behavioral and emotional problems as well as alcohol and drug prevention, use and abuse. We have long recognized the importance of connecting with students and families as soon as problems arise to ensure that academic performance is not affected by behavioral health concerns. Counselors are able to provide immediate feedback to families and offer schools expert perspective to enable them in decision-making.  

Hillsboro Family Resource Center

The Hillsboro Family Resource Center provides information and referral services on a wide array community resources available in Washington County thereby enhancing the abilities of adults, children and families to succeed in school, work, and the community.

Family Education

Parents are empowered to create more successful family environments when they have the knowledge and skill set to do so.  Our family education programs provide opportunities for parents and children to learn and practice new tools to strengthen their family.   

Family Support and Connections

Youth Contact is an Oregon Health Plan Provider and many other insurance carriers cover our services as well. Please contact us directly for more information about our programs.

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