Kids’ Turn

Kids’ Turn is a nationally recognized program designed to help families in the process of separation, divorce, or changes in custody or visitation develop coping strategies to prevent long-lasting negative effects.  Kids’ Turn is also the program for families referred directly from the Family Law Department of Washington County Circuit Court. Children ages 5-16 and their parents attend a series of four 90-minute workshops (parents are in separate groups even when attending the same workshop).  Children are divided into groups according to age (5-8, 9-12, 13-16). 

To download a registration form, current workshop schedule, policy and payment information, and a list of frequently asked questions, please click KidsTurnRegistrationPacket.pdfTo register for Kids’ Turn, please print out the Registration Packet and return the completed registration forms to Kids’ Turn by mail, fax, or by dropping them off at our office.  We cannot register participants over the phone. For questions or if you would like the registration packet mailed to you, please call our Kids’ Turn Registrar at 503-846-0665.

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